JD Expands Logistics With a New Storage Service

Customers will be able to track every step of the archiving process through the JD Express Delivery mini-program on WeChat

Individuals and small businesses can now store their products in warehouses. The new initiative, which exploits JD’s capabilities to provide a professional filing solution in China, is the latest example of how the company can offer logistics beyond its borders.

Using the service, customers are able to track every step of the archiving process from start to finish on their phones, via the JD Express Delivery mini-program on WeChat. JD offers a professional solution for every storage need, from short term storage to long term storage.

Companies that need to keep supplies for an event, people who are changing homes, college students who need to store things during summer vacations or anyone else, can now meet their short-term storage needs with JD.

At the same time, avid shoppers who wish to set aside their out-of-season wardrobe, as well as people who want to store sports equipment like scooters, bicycles and other hobby-related items, can opt for JD’s long-term storage solution.

JD is known among Chinese customers for reliability, trust and speed

The new service was launched in response to the clear market demand for convenient and reliable storage services. JD has in fact seen the demand for storage solutions increase exponentially, in particular, while rents in first and second-tier citations in China continue to increase every year. This is in contrast to many personal storage providers in China, which generally have to work with third parties such as real estate companies, and therefore struggle to provide a convenient and high-quality service.

“JD is known among Chinese customers for reliability, trust and speed,” said Bing Fu, Head of Strategy and Innovation at JD Logistics, the business group managed by responsible for this project. “This easy-to-use and reliable personal storage solution is a clear example of how our strategy of opening our logistics network to third parties is going. Initial customer feedback shows that consumers are enthusiastic about this service and believe it can meet a storage market need. ”

Since 2016 JD has expanded the range of logistics services offered to third-party merchants

With over ten years of experience in developing its internal logistics capabilities, JD Logistics has gained the trust of both customers and companies, enabling the company to bring this new value-added service to the market.

In fact, since 2016, JD has expanded the range of logistics services offered to third-party merchants. With the company that continues to launch innovative initiatives such as archiving solutions, it is increasingly clear that JD’s logistic capabilities can benefit not only JD’s activities, but also a number of other sectors and traders.

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