“Real like Me”: Alibaba launches new social app

Alibaba’s new attempt to break into the social media sector following JD and ByteDance steps

As reported by Chinese media, Alibaba has released a social networking app for university students named Real Ruwo, Real like Me.  Alibaba hasn’t released much about the all, and it’s still in testing phase and is invitation only. According to experts,  “Real like Me” is Hangzhou based tech giant latest attempt at establishing a prosperous social network. As we know Alibaba already have e-commerce payments, delivery and retail. Building a social app could strengthen Jack Ma’s company position. 

Technode. Screenshot of Real website

But let’s see how does it work. With the slogan, “Real Life, Real You,” the app enables students to interact with each other by sending text messages, photos, videos and more. The app scans your face and provides information based on your features, such as how good looking you are, which celebrity you look like and whether you look kind and more.

By the way, what’s really interesting is the app supports facial recognition for login replacing QR code for login as a way to connect with friends. Thus, Alibaba is following the principle that  the next iteration of human-tech interface (such as AI led facial recognition) will be a natural evolution of QR format.

With this new attempt to break into the social media sector, Alibaba is joining the new trend of launching college campus-based social networking apps. JD Finance began testing university social app Liwowo in early September, and Bytedance acquired campus social networking software Biu Campus two weeks ago.

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