JD launches a social app for university students

The hope is that students can become users of financial products designed by

JD Digits,’s fintech arm, is testing a social app called “Liwowo” dedicated to Android phone users attending Chinese colleges. To bring it back, citing sources close to the issue, is 36Kr.

The development of Liwowo started already last November. The app, whose slogan is “to meet new interesting classmates“, aims to facilitate the creation of new friends among university students.

JD could launch the promotion of Liwowo on campuses in the coming days of September

Chats can only be started by verified users, with the verification part being performed by the fintech e-tailer arm, valued at over 130 billion RMB (about $ 19.4 billion) after the financing of the Serie B round in the 2018. The most important thing is that Liwowo users will be able to request JD Digits consumer finance services, including the request for a co-brand credit card issued by JD Finance and a local bank.

JD Digits said that in the last four years his “Xiaobai” credit card – following his connection with a number of Chinese banks like ICBC and China CITIC Bank – has received more than 20 million requests.

Sources say that JD could launch the promotion of Liwowo on campus already during China’s back-to-school season, which begins in the coming days of September.

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