Weibo Launches Oasis: Here’s what you need to know about this new social-media app

Young, fresh and easy, the new platform combines social media and forum functionalities. Is Weibo joining social-commerce arena with “Oasis”?

Oasis绿洲 in China, is operative. Positioned as a lifestyle and fashion platform, with striking similarities to Instagram and Chinese social e-commerce platform Little Red Book, Oasis is designed for young people, shoppers – who are mostly female – with more disposable income, likely in China’s more affluent urban centers in 1st and 2nd tier cities. Trough Oasis, China’s Twitter-like microblogging platform new app is finally joining the social commerce race.

©Weibo, Is Weibo joining social-commerce arena with “Oasis”?

“ If you are tired from the outside world, we provide you with an oasis, which not only allows you to discover interesting things but also share the beautiful world in your eyes. We welcome you to this oasis. Release your stress and find a better self!” published Oasis on its official Weibo account.

©Technode, Young, fresh and easy, the new platform combines social media and forum functionalities.

Actually the platform is really well done and focuses on beautiful and curated content, in the form of pictures. What’s interesting is that this is very similar to the way Instagram uses its platform to market certain products. Let’s see how it works. Weibo’s new app is extremely young, quick and easy to use. Some users said “it’s even better than Red”. Here latest changes.

First, say goodbye to hashtag. Differently than Red or Weibo, there are no hashtag so far on Oasis. You can search what you are looking for by keywords or nicknames only. Second, autogenerated comments. Oasis will generate some phrases for you to comment under post if you tap “WOW” button. The app is still under testing, by the way,  even though users can easily download it in the Apple or Google Store, you will still need invitation code to open an account.

©Weibo, Oasis will generate some phrases for you to comment under post if you tap “WOW” button.

Developers from Weibo said it was done on purpose due to create a better social environment.  In addition Oasis is powered by strong recommendation algorithms that will tailor the content in the “Discover” tab to the user’s preferences based on browsing history. And here there is the next step: social-commerce. Users can browse content based on their interest, including fashion, food, travel and beauty, while also editing and sharing photos and videos with a wide variety of filters and effects.

By the way, yesterday Weibo has taken down Instagram imitator Oasis amid plagiarism accusations. After Oasis achieved the record as main downloaded app, it vanished from Apple’s Chinese app store on in the wake of heated online charges over the Instagram copycat’s allegedly plagiarized logo. A post on Weibo compared Oasis’s logo to an image South Korean design Studio Fnt created for Ulju Mountain Film Festival in 2015. The two are strikingly similar. It’s unclear yet when Weibo will relaunch the app.

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