TECH INNOVATION TikTok promotes monetization: tests started on the advertising network

The goal is to direct users to East Asia, allowing brands to extend their marketing campaigns

TikTok, the short video sharing platform controlled by Bytedance, tested a network for advertisers. The goal is to direct users in East Asia by allowing brands to extend their marketing campaigns, according to AdWeek.

Bytedance has thus sought to accelerate monetization in foreign markets, while competition within China’s content market becomes even more fierce. The company has made numerous changes to the staff, while experimenting with several new advertising functions for TikTok, thus trying to facilitate the process.

Wide choice for buyers of advertising space

The vast network of audiences linked to TikTok will allow buyers of multimedia content to choose between full-page mobile video ads, premium video ads or promotional videos that users have the chance to watch in full in exchange for in-app prizes.

The network, for the moment, offers ads only to users in China and Japan, as can be seen from the documents intended for product developers. Media buyers can also choose apps to avoid for ad distribution.

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