Bytedance challenges Baidu with the in-app search engine

A move to challenge Baidu’s monopoly in the Chinese search engine market

There are giants, like Baidu, who have a monopoly on some services. Yet, ByteDance, a company that owns TikTok, has introduced an in-app search engine for its popular Jinri Toutiao news feed app. A move to challenge Baidu’s monopoly in the Chinese search engine market.

However, it is not the first challenge between the two companies. The two companies are rapidly forming a rivalry in online services. Baidu moved to the Toutiao market when he changed his offer of newsfeeds and Bytedance reacted with the addition of a search engine.

Baidu, moreover, was recently accused of stacking his research results with pages hosted on his Baijiahao service, a newsfeed platform similar to Jinri Toutiao, which brought poor quality content to the top of the research.

The current Bytedance search functionality is not in direct competition with the Baidu offer

As for Bytedance, in-app search can serve as a shortcut to build a rival to Baidu, as its apps have already accumulated 1.5 billion monthly active users starting in July. The in-app search engine developed offers search results from the company’s popular apps like Jinri Toutiao and the short video app Douyin and Xigua, as well as general internet content.

The current Bytedance search feature, however, is not in direct competition with Baidu’s offer as it is more like a tool that improves Toutiao’s in-app browsing, rather than a dedicated search engine.

Chinese online users are becoming increasingly familiar with in-app search engines

As for market trends, Chinese online users are becoming increasingly familiar with in-app search engines while Tencent has launched such a service for the WeChat instant messaging app, allowing them to search for articles and content in subscription from the entire Web.

Bytedance, for its part, said that the search function was in line with Toutiao’s mission to use “information to create value”.

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