Stuttgart introduces online payments to attract Chinese tourists

The German city has opened for online payments of Alipay and WeChat Pay

Another city tries to attract Chinese tourists. Stuttgart, a city located in south-western Germany, launched a project in 2018 to encourage local merchants to collaborate with Chinese online payment platforms such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, in order to make travel for Chinese tourists more convenient.

The German initiative went very well and the request seems to have made inroads, given that 75 traders in the city have added mobile payment options, including the Hotel Altbacher Hof and the CUBE restaurant.

An increasing number of Chinese tourists have visited Stuttgart in recent years

The general manager of the hotel said that the Hotel Altbacher Hof has introduced Alipay to offer comfort to Chinese tourists and help the local population understand the benefits of electronic payment. The CUBE restaurant in the city center received 20% more Chinese tourists after introducing Alipay.

Breuninger, a department store based in Stuttgart, presented Alipay and Wechat Pay in all 11 of its stores. “It is essential to adopt a more convenient payment model for Chinese customers, as they represent 50% of the store’s foreign customers”, explained the brand’s marketing director.

A growing number of Chinese tourists, as proof of their choice, have visited Stuttgart in recent years. In 2018, the city received about 68,664 Chinese visitors during, compared to only 10,000 in 2001.

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