Thailand, DAU on the rise during the “618” shopping festival

The total SADs increased by 44 million, from 91.4 million to 135 million

According to QuestMobile data shared with 36Kr, active daily users (DAUs) at Chinese e-commerce sites increased 48% year-over-year during the “618” shopping festival, which takes place during the first 18 days of June.

In particular, the overall SADs increased by 44 million, from 91.4 million to 135 million. Among the biggest big names,, which launched “618” in 2010, saw an impressive 20% year-on-year increase in daily users, from 73 million to 88 million, while DAUs on Alibaba Taobao increased by 9 , 1%, from 274 million to 299 million.

Big sales surge for, a true proponent of growth

But not only China. In fact, has seen a surge in sales in Southeast Asia during this period, especially in Thailand, where the platform’s official flagship store has seen sales volume increased 450 times. Sales of the JD flagship for Indonesia more than doubled compared to May. Even the company’s logistics arm saw cross-border orders increase by around 80% year-on-year.

Growth was also clear for Taobao and Tmall. Taobao and Tmall Jiang Fan’s president revealed that Taobao’s mobile users during the festival grew 29% year on year, the highest growth rate since 2017, while Tmall’s GMV increased by 38.5%.

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